About Trial Search

TrialSearch is the best way to search for and match with clinical trials recruiting in your area.

Our marketplace is the only one of its kind - other patient recruitment services usually only match patients to a single trial. TrialSearch has hundreds of actively enrolling clinical trials in our marketplace and we’re adding new studies all the time. Our huge trial inventory allows patients what they want most - choices to find the trial that’s the best fit for them. Our technology vastly increases the chance of patients finding a trial that they are both interested in and qualified for.

Another patient asset is TrialSearch’s team of recruiters. They’re medically trained staff dedicated to helping patients navigate their options and act as guides for the sometimes confusing process of understanding which trials those patients my qualify for. This is help for patients who would otherwise struggle through confusing medical questions on a trial's website. Our recruiters will help you understand what the qualification criteria mean and why they’re being asked while answering any questions you have along the way.

Another difference is our rich study data. Other trial search engines are full of outdated data, trials that are no longer enrolling patients, and even doctors that have stopped accepting new patients - if they even know which doctors are running the trial. TrialSearch works directly with the doctors involved we always have up to date information on the qualification criteria, active doctor offices and enrollment status of every trial in our system, updated in real time.

Finally, TrialSearch has a dedicated concierge team guiding patients past the point of referral to the doctors office. This team is invested in patients successfully enrolling into their chosen trial. This team can assist with tasks like reaching the study coordinator or doctor at the trial site, send reminders for appointments, or even help arrange transportation to and from the doctors office.

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